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Lucky Packs Box (Recommended for 15+)

Lucky Packs Box (Recommended for 15+)

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Manufactured by RedCloud Media.

Each box contains 5 SWSH or S&V Booster Packs and 1 Mystery Booster Pack.

Mystery Pack hit rate:

  • Guarentee Green Tier - SWSH or S&V Era Packs
  • 1:5 Blue Tier - XY or Sun & Moon Era Packs
  • 1:10 Gold Tier - Black & White Era Packs
  • 1:25 Rainbow Tier - Vintage Packs

The Lucky Packs Box by RedCloud Media is a perfect gift for Pokemon lovers aged 15 and above. This box comes with a unique combination of booster packs and other exciting items to surprise any Pokemon enthusiast.

  • 5 SWSH or S&V Booster Pack: The box contains five booster packs from either the Sword & Shield or the Sun & Moon series. These boosters are an excellent way to expand your collection and get some rare cards.
  • Mystery Booster Pack: Apart from the five standard boosters, there is also a mystery booster pack that contains some additional surprises. You never know what you might get!

This unique gift pack comes with all these exciting features that can make any Pokemon lover's day!

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