Why Choose Lucky Vault?

Lucky Vault has graded nearly 20,000 cards this year alone, and counting. Lucky Vault Grading is the premier choice on the market for fast, reliable, and secure middleman services. If you have been looking for a collector-owned grading service that cares about your cards, look no further. Experience, trust, and safety are the cornerstones of our service.

  • Skip all the work

    Your time is valuable, so let us do all the work. Skip all of the form-filling and additional prep otherwise involved with grading cards.

  • Save Money

    Unbeatable service prices. No membership fees. No minimum number of cards to submit, and cheaper return shipping to boot.

  • Even more secure

    Lucky Vault personally drops-off your submission(s) to PSA headquarters free of charge, saving you shipping and insurance costs

  • International

    We provide middleman services to collectors worldwide. We have experience shipping to multiple countries, including the UK, China, and Japan.

  • 1. Submitting your cards

    Our easy-to-use online submission form is available at all times. Follow the instructions of the submission form, and mail them to our address headquarters.

  • 2. Pre-Scans

    To keep your cards secure during grading, we Pre-scan your cards before dropping them off at PSA. We share this to you via Google drive for your viewing at any time.

  • 3. Personal Drop-off

    A Lucky Vault representative personally drops-off your submission(s) at PSA headquarters.

  • 4. Communication

    As PSA moves your order through their system, we tentatively update you on the progress of your order.

  • 5. Second Invoice

    We contact you with a second invoice for the return shipping of your cards. If upcharges apply to your order, we include that at this stage.

  • 6. Done!

    We pickup your submission(s) from PSA headquarters and return them to you by your preferred method.


Below is a sample of the pre-scans that we take before grading. Our photo scanner captures the unique aspects of your cards with ease, so that whenever the scans are needed as reference, the proof is undeniable.

Prices & Turnaround

TCG Bulk $17.00/card

$199 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 65 Days

Value Bulk $19.00/card

$499 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 65 Days

Value $25.00/card

$499 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 50-65 Days

Value Plus $40.00/card

$499 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 10-14 Days

Regular $75.00/card

$1,499 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 10 Days

Express $150.00/card

$2,499 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 5 Days

Super Express $300.00/card

$4,999 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 3 Days

Walk-through $600.00/card

$9,999 Max Value per Item
Est. Turnaround: 2-3 Days

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